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Christmas Came Early!

December 12, 2010

This morning was the only morning I had planned to sleep in.  I had turned my alarm clock off last night with every intention on not waking up until at least ten.  Unfortunately, at about eight this morning, Tyler’s alarm clock goes off.  He jumps out of bed ready to take on the world (not typical of him).  He keeps letting his alarm go off every five minutes telling me “it’s time to get up.”  I could not for the life of me figure out why in the world he was in such a hurry to get me up. We had planned to go look at  a house today, so I just assumed maybe he wanted to get a head start since the weather was supposed to turn bad tonight.  So once I finally got up, got a shower, and announced that I was ready to go, he said “not yet.”  Not yet?  Not yet?  Why in the world did I have to get up then?  This went on for at least two hours.  Me nagging him to go, and him coming up with every excuse to stay.  THEN, there was  a knock on the door.  I jumped up and went to answer it.  There was a strange Lowe’s guy standing there.  He said that he was supposed to deliver a washer and dryer.  I politely explained to him that he must have the wrong address.  He read off the address he was supposed to deliver to, which was our address.  And again, I told him there must be a mix up.  I was about to send him on his way when Tyler came to the door.  We gave him Tyler’s name and the Lowe’s guy said that was who he was supposed to deliver to.  I cannot begin to tell you what went through my mind.  I turned to Tyler and said “YOU ordered a washer and dryer?!”  His reply, “well sort of.”  I expected him to go on to explain what in the world went through his mind to make him purchase a washer and dryer and not tell me about it, but he didn’t.  He just showed the Lowe’s guy where to put the new washer and dryer.  Then Tyler looked at me and said “they’re from my parents.  It’s our Christmas present.”  All emotions left except for one… absolute joy!  Our washer had broken over a month ago.  The load selector knob had stopped working and Tyler had tried to rig it by taking the whole panel off, so that we would have to hold the back of the knob together so that we could turn it to operate the washing machine.  Washing clothes had been a small feat ever since he had done this.  However, had he not done it, there was no way to use the washing machine, so I was grateful.   But back to today.  I went to call my mother-in-law, Andrea, to thank her, and noticed I had just missed a phone call from her.  I called her back only to find out she was trying to stall me from leaving.  Lol.  I was the only one out of the loop when it came to this scheme.  They had been planning this for weeks and I had no idea.  I would have ruined the surprise if I had left.  Ha ha ha.  And Tyler thought that keeping me at home would be the easy part.  Any way, the washer and dryer are perfect! I couldn’t be happier.  Here they are:

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  1. December 12, 2010 9:17 pm

    I feel a bit creepy leaving a comment because it probably seems like I Googled myself and ended up here. Not true, I promise! Daddypotamus installed a widget on Mommypotamus that sends me an email when people link to a post. So here I am, lurking, and your post brought back so many good memories from the newlywed days I just had to say hi. So “hi!”

    • December 12, 2010 9:22 pm

      Thank you so much for the comment. Your blog is one of my absolute favorites! Any suggestions for blogging or living a simple life in general would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for stopping by.

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