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AMC Conference

January 16, 2011

Well, I just got back from Atlanta.  I had a conference down there.  Would you believe they had more snow and ice than we did in Asheville?!  One lane of the freeway was solid ice.  Talk about scary.  It was a great experience.  I have more confidence with my job.  I know that my doctor makes a difference in people’s lives.  I am very blessed to have a job where our number one goal is to see people get better.  What a great privilege.

Being away from home teaches you many things.  One thing I learned is that I have gotten used to having my husband when I go to sleep.  Let me tell you, pillows are cold in comparison!  I had the hardest time going to sleep at night (and it wasn’t because the bed wasn’t comfy).  I guess it is all in what you get used to.  I learned that I have adapted to things that Tyler does.  I have become more of a homebody and missed home very much.   I learned that I am not as outgoing as I once was.  Although, I did make some pretty cool friends while I was down there.  If Dr. Whittington hadn’t introduced me to someone in the very beginning, I am afraid I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get to know them the way that I did.

Tyler leaves for MEPS tomorrow morning.  We should know his ship date when he comes home Tuesday night.  Please help us pray that God’s will be done in our lives.  Tyler has been offered a great opportunity.  We just want to do what God sees best for us.  Please keep Tyler in your prayers.

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