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Marine… ooh rah

January 30, 2011

Tyler is back from MEPS.  His contract is signed.  He will be leaving May 30th to go to boot camp.  I added up the weeks; he will be gone almost 6 months.  At least it is during the summer when all the vegetables and fruits are coming in.  I plan on keeping myself quite busy.  He is really excited.  He will get back from training and start back to school in January 2012 for his bachelors.  He’s found a degree program at a local college that is completely online.  It looks like things are working out after all.

In the mean time, Tyler has begun training.  Every Tuesday night he meets the other Marine recruits for PT at the local office.  Tyler says that is not nearly enough to prepare him for boot camp.  So he started searching for a good gym.  Bill had mentioned Cross Fit training and how much it would help Tyler get prepared.  Boy was Bill ever right!  We found a Cross Fit gym, and started working out.  We went yesterday.  I am so freaking sore!  I knew I wasn’t in great shape, but whoa, I am not in shape at all!  This will prove to be interesting.

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