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Lazy Day

March 5, 2011
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Today has been a very lazy day.   We have had no plans for this weekend (which is a first in quite some time).  I wanted to do nothing but lay around the house in my pjs all day long.  We did get up and go to the gym this morning.  It was quite a work out.  The workout was difficult with 50 pull – ups, 1 mile run, 200 Slam Balls, and 100 Bench Presses (half your body weight).  Lucy put us into teams (lucky for me, Tyler was my teammate).  After this workout I can honestly say, Tyler and I make a great team.  We finished all of this in 27 minutes!  Then we came home.  I made homemade BBQ (because Ingles had their boston butts on sale) the way my grandmother makes it.  I made homemade baked beans following this recipe, leaving out the beef brisket.  With this recipe, you end up making your own BBQ sauce.  Talk about yummy.  I have one very happy husband now.

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